What They’re Saying About Enterprise LTE

“LTE offers numerous advantages over traditional networks, from wide bandwidth to enhanced security, but it has only ever been controlled by mobile operators — until now. A new decision from the Federal Communications Commission lets enterprises and property owners construct private LTE networks inside their buildings.”
Iain Gillott

President, iGR

“Instead of relying on a carrier to deploy enough equipment to guarantee good coverage on a campus or in a manufacturing facility, the owners of those facilities are purchasing small mobile networks of their own, deployed on their terms and with their own security and access rights, all able to connect to existing mobile networks. Replacing hundreds of Wi-Fi routers on a campus with a handful of private LTE nodes simplifies and hardens critical network infrastructure for organizations deploying private LTE networks.”
Joe Kochan

CEO, US Ignite

Our Mission

Enterprise-wide Private LTE networks enabled by OnGo are game-changing solutions that provide maximum mobile coverage and ubiquitous connectivity – inside buildings, in high-traffic venues (stadiums, theaters); in high RF environments like hospitals; corporate and educational campus facilities and more.

For enterprise executives who’ve worked with WiFi for more than 20 years, OnGo will usher in an entirely new era of innovation for customers, tenants, employees and partners.

Our mission is to help bring information and insight, demonstrations and thought-leadership, and more to the entire enterprise community who will benefit from OnGo and Private LTE. We encourage you to join our mission, attend our events, contribute to the pilots and deployments and share your knowledge with our enterprise LTE community. 

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