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Event Program & Content:


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Morning Educational Sessions

Opening Remarks and introduction:
What is 5G? What is CBRS? What is private LTE?  Setting the stage for the rest of the day.
Iain Gillott, President, iGR OnGo CBRS is here – What Exactly is CBRS and How Does it Work?
This session is a detailed explanation of OnGo (CBRS), how it works, the new spectrum that is available, and, importantly, the main benefits to enterprises.  OnGo will enable a whole range of new applications and services in the enterprise, all based on LTE. Private LTE, 5G and Edge Computing Case Studies
Over the last few years, many case studies and trials have been conducted with 5G, CBRS, private LTE and edge computing – this session will overview the range of possibilities for applications and services that can be enabled, the infrastructure required and the potential for future development. Featured Enterprise Case Study:  Transportation/Logistics and Freight Movement
This session is a detailed examination of a unique deployment of Private LTE. The business case will feature the planning, design, expectations and, most importantly, the business case that forms the foundation of this use case. This session is designed to showcase innovative thinking and network applications that differentiate Private LTE networks from commercial networks, WiFi, IoT and more. CBRS for Business Critical Use Cases
With invaluable spectrum being made available to enterprises via CBRS, they will now be able to support business critical use cases with private cellular networks. Hear about the various CBRS private use cases that leading CommScope/Ruckus partners and customers are testing across Indoor, campus and public spaces.

Hosted Luncheon

Afternoon Sessions

Private LTE Networks for Commercial Real Estate: Infrastructure, Ownership and Service Models
When we talk today about neutral host systems, I’m building a neutral network that allows many different people to connect onto. That’s what we try to do. If we can share fronthaul, backhaul, cabling, switches, that’s a win. We need an infrastructure for everyone. Who owns the in-building wireless infrastructure in the enterprise, property, venue or campus? Learn more about the growing role for third-party integrators and neutral hosts to empower the wireless commercial property and enterprise. Simplifying Deployment of Enterprise Cellular with Cloud Software
For enterprise IT departments that are used to installing and managing enterprise Ethernet, LANs and Wi-Fi networks, deploying LTE presents a new challenge.  Enterprise IT departments need to operate a single integrated network, not a collection of disparate LTE components and solutions.  And as the business needs evolve, so the LTE network must also change – this LTE technology journey must also be managed by the IT department.  This session will present Celona’s cloud-based enterprise IT LTE management environment and show how enterprises can simplify the adoption of private LTE and CBRS.
The Business Case for Commercial Real Estate, Offices and Campuses
Many column inches of press have been dedicated to discussing the opportunity for wireless solutions, including private LTE, in the commercial real estate market.  As well as providing technical solutions to support building operations, such as IoT, security, maintenance, smart HVAC and smart lighting, wireless networks also support the building’s tenants.  But getting solutions deployed is not easy – this session will discuss the challenges – and successes – and show successful LTE deployments. Steps to Private LTE success
So you have decided to deploy a private LTE solution in your enterprise – but where do you start?  Do you use licensed or unlicensed spectrum?  What is involved in deploying, managing and funding a network solution?  What are the risk factors?  And how can you ensure success?  This session will walk through the steps to a successful private LTE deployment and warn of the potential pitfalls along the way. Ask the Experts Panel Session
So you have decided to deploy a private LTE solution in your enterprise – but where do you start? Do you use licensed or unlicensed spectrum? This free ranging discussion features leading technology vendors, integrators and enterprise users in a moderated wide-ranging discussion about the present and future opportunities with Private LTE, CBRS, Wi-Fi6 and 5G in the enterprise. This is a great opportunity for general questions and audience interaction


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