Enterprise LTE Webinar Series – Part 2


This Series of webinars features a fresh approach to online content: interactive, informative, and engaging industry thought-leaders in an analyst-moderated 50 minute discussion.


  • Each Webinar will last 45 – 50 mins and will be recorded
  • Each Webinar will cover a different aspect of the Enterprise Networking: CBRS, Private LTE and Edge Computing
  • Each Webinars are recorded and available on-demand for six months


October 1, 2020

12:00pm CST

Cellular Interconnect on CBRS and Private LTE Networks

CBRS enables the deployment of a private, self-contained LTE network inside a building, on a campus or over a wider area. While this closed network will address many needs, a wide range of industries and applications will need connectivity to the public cellular networks as well for wide area coverage. How is this accomplished? What additional elements must be considered when designing the private LTE deployment? Are there special application considerations? How does edge compute operate over the wide area? And what is the relationship with the mobile network operator? This webinar will answer all these questions – and more – enabling you to effectively integrate the private LTE network with the public networks.

Iain Gillott

Kurt Jacobs
Director, Markets & Solutions
JMA Wireless

James Jacobellis
VP of Partners and Business Development